What are the Starts?


A Healthy Start means that children have healthy bodies and minds.
They need comprehensive health and mental health care system that provides preventive care when they are well and treatment when they are ill.

A Head Start means that children get the foundation they need to benefit from educational and work opportunities.
Parents should be their children's first teachers in life, but children also need early care and education that prepares them to learn, and high quality schools that inspire and support success.

A Fair Start means that children grow up in families and communities that are economically secure.
arents need jobs that pay livable wages and if the jobs don't, they need the Earned Income Credit so they can support their children. If a job is not available, parents need interim income support and job training. Finally, and most important, a Fair Start means strong parents and parenting values reinforced by communities that truly value families.

A Safe Start means that children are safe and secure.
Children need safe neighborhoods and safe schools. They also need protection from the guns that kills a child every 92 minutes.

A Moral Start means that children are taught the enduring values of honesty, hard work, discipline, respect for self and others, responsibility, and doing unto others as they'd have done to themselves.
A morality that teaches us to help rather than to judge the weak, the poor, and each other, to love rather than to hate, and to respect every child as God's precious gift.





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