Project Staff Members


Eileen Cooper Reed, J.D.,

Eileen Reed is the Advocate of the Greater Cincinnati Project. As lobbyist, spokesperson, collaborator, convener and facilitator for the local CDF office, Eileen is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to improve the quality of the lives of children in the greater Cincinnati area. She works closely with business, religious, civic and community leaders throughout the city to ensure that Hamilton counties adult community is abreast on the critical issues effecting children on a national, state and local level.

Fritz Casey-Leininger, Ph.D.,
Research Analyst

Fritz Casey-Leininger is the research analyst for the Greater Cincinnati Project. Through his efforts, CDF has become one of the most respected sources for information regarding children's needs in the Hamilton County area.  Fritz works closely with a number of local organizations and the CDF-Ohio staff in Columbus to produce fact sheets, needs assessments and, publications that detail and document the plight of Cincinnati's children.

Karen Kahle,
Early Childhood Policy Analyst

Karen Kahle joined CDF in June 1999 as our Early Childhood Policy Analyst. Before coming to CDF, Karen was the Coordinator of the Northern Kentucky Welfare Reform Task Force and the Program Development Specialist at Welcome House.

Mason Gray,
Child Health Outreach Coordinator

Mason Gray joined CDF in July 1999 to become our Child Health Outreach Coordinator.  His position is part of a national  healthcare  initiative   called  Covering  Kids,  which is funded  by the  Robert Wood  Johnson Foundation.  Mason's focus is to increase the enrollment  and awareness of Children's Health Insurance Program  (CHIP) in Hamilton  County. 

Cheryl Youngblood,
Office Manager

Cheryl Youngblood joined CDF in June, 2000.  She oversees all general office operations including billing, scheduling, personnel, and inter-office communications.  She also provides fiscal and administrative support to all program areas. 

Susan Bolich,
Child Health Outreach Associate

Susan Bolich, the most recent addition to our staff, joined CDF in September, 2000 as a part of the Public Allies  (Americorp) program.  Susan provides outreach support for the Children's Health Insurance Program through our Covering Kids grant.

Kathleen Atkinson (Kathy)
Community Associate
is the Community Associate in Walnut Hills for our Education project.  She joined the staff in August and most recently worked for Victory Neighborhood Services.


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