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There are about 233,000 children in Hamilton County



Child Care

· 2,499 children received child care aid each week during the first half of 1996 that helped their parents participate in state education, training, and work through the JOBS and LEAP programs.

Head Start

· 4,700 low-income 3 and 4 year olds received early childhood education through the Head Start program.

Child and Family Nutrition

· The WIC supplementary food program served 4,092 women and 15,100 infants and children or about 2 out of 3 eligible women, infants, and children.

· About 31,200 or 62% of students in the Cincinnati Public Schools received free or reduced price lunches due to low family income.

Education-Cincinnati Public Schools

Child Welfare

· 8,387 children were reported abused or neglected in 1995.

· 1,196 children lived in foster homes.

Aid to Families with Dependent Children and Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (ADC-JOBS)

· 34,703 children under 18, or about seven out of ten of those served, received ADC in April of 1996.

Trend: The number of children receiving ADC decreased by 20.6 percent from 43,732 in January of 1993.

· 2,688 individuals obtained employment through the JOBS program in 1995.

Trend: The JOBS participation rate increased from 32.45 percent at the beginning of 1995 to 46.01 in May of 1996.


· 54,974 children from extremely poor and working poor families received health care through Medicaid each month during 1994, slightly less than half of those served by Medicaid.

Trend: The number of children covered by Healthy Start increased from 6,327 in January of 1994 to 7,259 in December of 1995.

Child Support

· Unmarried parents accounted for two in five births in Hamilton County in 1994.

· The Hamilton County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) collected over $111 million in child support in 1995.

Teen Births

· Teen mothers gave birth to 1,798 babies during 1994.

Trend: The number of teen births in 1994 had decreased by 18 % from a high of 2,197 in 1989.


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October 1996


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